Provost’s Chair in Earth Sciences / Associate Professor / Geodesist

Earth Observatory of Singapore /
Asian School of the Environment,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


I believe that we can help communities in East and Southeast Asia to live more safely in the face of natural hazards and climate change through

(a) Conducting fundamental research into hazards using the collection, analysis and modeling of geodetic data. In the case of our group, much of our current focus is on GPS networks designed to better understand the tectonics of Sumatra (Indonesia), Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India. We are also using InSAR to study tectonics and sinking cities of the region, and are studying the regional effects of tectonics on sea-level change.

(b) Empowering young scientists of our region through training in both science and effective communication skills. I teach undergraduate students in the brand-new Asian School of the Environment, and mentor PhD students from around the region. I am also proud to have set up the now highly successful EOS program in English and communication skills for scientists, which ensures that all our graduate students and postdocs have access to weekly classes in communication skills.


Link to our group's page on the EOS website.